Areas of Focus

  • Fintech and Payments

    We are excited by innovative consumer experiences across financial services, payments and commerce, which solve pain points in how consumers manage and move their money, and how they shop online and offline.

  • Commerce Enablement

    With increased competition and changing consumer needs, merchants require differentiated services and software to start, run, and grow their business. We invest in solutions that enable growth and efficiency for merchants.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We are investing in early-stage AI companies across all industries and verticals. We see incredible opportunities in AI across advertising, customer success, risk, compliance, legal, and personalization.

  • Blockchain, Crypto and Core Technology

    We look to invest in opportunities that bring innovation to the multi-layered infrastructure that supports consumer financial services and merchant commerce enablement.

How We Work

Why partner with PayPal Ventures?

Investment Partnership

The PayPal Ventures team draws from the deep collective experience of PayPal to connect the dots in ways that others cannot. We utilize this knowledge and insight to help our portfolio companies navigate their own unique journeys. As a financial investor with a deep corporate support network, PayPal Ventures is uniquely structured to help you grow your business and tackle your biggest challenges.

Trusted Brand

PayPal is a global digital payments platform and one of the most dynamic and valuable brands in the world. Companies that choose PayPal Ventures benefit from the credibility that comes with being backed by one of the world's most trusted brands, supporting engagement with customers, partners, regulators, and other investors.

Global Experts in Payments

A seasoned team of specialists across PayPal, with years of relevant experience, will be at your fingertips to help navigate payments, credit and other product choices, technical decisions, regulatory complexity, and how to scale your business into new sectors and markets.